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Why Comprehensive Financial Planning

Successful investing is a critical element to achieving your financial goals and building long-term wealth. However, without comprehensive financial planning that can evolve with unexpected life events, it may not be enough.

You have to consider your entire financial picture. Old Peak Finance starts by identifying your long-term goals. These goals may include retirement, college for the kids, impact investing, leaving money to the next generation and other aims. We strive to create a tailored plan to minimize your lifetime tax bill, have the right insurance policies and craft an appropriate estate plan including wills, trusts and powers of attorney.

For instance, you can be the world’s most successful investor, but your after-tax returns will disappoint if you don’t do careful tax planning.

You can also have a high salary, but if you have not protected yourself with appropriate life and disability insurance, you and your family are at risk.

Likewise, you can accumulate wealth, but without an appropriate estate plan, your heirs may find probate an expensive and burdensome process. They could also pay more estate tax than they could have with better financial planning.

Financial advice should be comprehensive for one simple reason. Comprehensive financial planning is the best way to achieve your goals. Old Peak is committed to creating a plan that will evolve as you live the life you want.       

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