What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?
written by founder, Rick Waechter

People sometimes ask why we’re called "Old Peak Finance”.

For 15 years, my family and I lived in Hong Kong, most of that time in an apartment on Old Peak Road. It’s where we lived when our two children were born. Our time on Old Peak Road were the formative years of my career.

While we lived on Old Peak Road, our children grew, went to a Chinese preschool and started forming friendships and Chinese language skills that had a huge impact on them. So Old Peak reminds me of family.

While we lived on Old Peak Road, I developed as a banker. I worked on a number of complex financial transactions across 10 countries and learned the importance of effort, teamwork and listening closely to the needs and aspirations of every client.

More broadly, Old Peak reminds me of Hong Kong, a dynamic, multi-cultural city that – through relentless determination -- has thrived against all odds for decades.

When I started Old Peak Finance, I wanted to honor those memories and that spirit.

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