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We provide on-going, comprehensive financial planning and wealth management.

Welcome to Old Peak Finance

Old Peak is a financial planner based in Chapel Hill, NC. We provide comprehensive financial planning and wealth management. Our clients are primarily individuals and families. They live in Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, NC, as well as in more than 10 states and outside the US.

No two clients are alike, so our solution for each client is unique.

Every client relationship starts with a detailed financial plan. This takes about a month and involves multiple discussions with you and in-depth review of several dozen documents like brokerage statements, wills, tax returns and insurance policies.

We create a draft financial plan, revise it based on your feedback, and then implement it, working with you and specialists like your CPA, estate-planning attorney or insurance agent.

But that’s just the start. As life happens, we’ll revise the plan and help you respond to changes in your financial situation.

At Old Peak, we’re on our client’s side.

Client fees are our only compensation. Our only incentive is to recommend what’s best for you.

We take no commissions or revenue shares and we have no in-house products. So, we face none of the conflicts of interest that plague our industry.

By contrast, most of the big banks have multiple sources of revenue from high-margin products that may not be in a client’s interest.

Our on-going advice focuses on six areas:

  • Your financial goals: determining how you can afford the retirement you want, plus other goals such as kids’ college, a vacation home, charitable giving or leaving a legacy
  • Investments: creating and managing a mix of stocks, bonds and other investments that fits your risk profile and allows you to achieve your goals
  • Insurance: identifying insurance needs and assisting you in buying the right policy — or in eliminating unnecessary coverage
  • Estate planning: creating an estate plan – trusts, wills, powers of attorney and related documents — that meets your needs, working with an experienced attorney
  • Tax: identifying opportunities to minimize your estimated lifetime tax expense
  • Liability management: helping you decide whether to borrow, pay-off or re-finance loans

We invest the way sophisticated institutions invest.

We use research that won a Nobel Prize in economics to maximize potential investment returns.

We primarily use mutual funds available only to institutions and financial advisors. Although there are no guarantees in investing, a century of data suggests our strategies are superior to the high-fee, stock-picking approach most individuals and advisors follow.

Our philosophy is different in four critical ways. First, we use rigorous, academic research based on decades of market data. Second, we take a long-term view. Third, we keep fees low by not paying expensive analysts to pick stocks and bonds. Finally, by limiting trading, our clients typically owe less tax.

What we do

  • 1. We start by understanding your financial situation, goals, time horizon and ability to bear risk. We talk with you and review a variety of documents.

  • 2. We create an in-depth financial plan, addressing six broad areas:

    • a. Financial goal planning
    • b. Investments
    • c. Insurance
    • d. Estate planning
    • e. Tax
    • f. Liability management
  • 3. We act on the plan, with your approval and input. That can include buying or selling investments, buying or canceling insurance, updating estate planning documents and adopting long-term tax minimization strategies

  • 4. We monitor your situation on an on-going basis:

    • a. Quarterly reporting on your investments
    • b. Annual financial plan updates
    • c. Working on a range of issues whenever they arise


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100 Europa Drive, Suite 410 Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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