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Real Financial Planning

It starts with a conversation about where you are today and what your goals are. As your dedicated financial advisor at Old Peak Finance, we analyze your current position in regards to investments, insurance, estate planning, retirement and tax planning. We then determine what you could change to achieve your goals and develop a financial plan with that in mind. Next, we monitor your plan over years, and we adjust it as your life changes. All so you can live the life you want. Learn more about the Old Peak team, our mission and how we work to best serve our clients.

Rick Waechter Old Peak Finance Founder

"I spent two decades working for a large Wall Street bank, providing in-depth advice to large companies and governments. I started Old Peak to offer that same high level of comprehensive, tailored advice to individuals." Rick Waechter, Old Peak Founder

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How We Help with Real Financial Planning

Sara and Sam hired Old Peak amid a busy personal and professional season.

Sara had just entered a new healthcare group on a multi-year partnership track. John, an executive at a tech company, was coming up on a highly anticipated IPO after years of hard work. Read more >

James and Cheryl Simpson (not their real names) hired Old Peak as they neared retirement. They had worked with another advisor for years, primarily for investing. They wanted more comprehensive advice as they approached a critical milestone. Read more >

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