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Our Team and Mission

Old Peak Finance exists for one simple reason: to offer tailored, transparent advice so clients can achieve their financial goals.

The financial advice industry has been broken for years. It is littered with conflicts of interest, high fees and advisors who don’t understand or particularly care about their clients. Wall Street discovered long ago that the key to making money is to mass-market expensive products, not to offer individualized advice.

The result is that too many clients pay too much, get too little and don’t achieve their financial goals.

Our mission at Old Peak Finance is to change that. Individuals and families deserve better, and the world will be a better place if more of us have a sound financial plan.

We know we cannot change the world on our own. But, the Old Peak Finance team can play a part in the solution. That’s what motivates us every day. Being there for you.


Rick Waechter

Founder, CFP®

Molly Stanifer

CFP®, Director of Financial Planning

Donna Reaves

Operations Manager

Johanna Hammond

Client Service Lead

Dan Routh

CFP®, Senior Financial Advisor

Erin Vickery

CFP®, Financial Advisor

Laura Borowski

Client Service Associate

Danielle Hochstetter

CFP®, Associate Financial Advisor

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