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Why Consider Impact Investing

Your financial plan and particularly your investments are making an impact. They should make the kind of impact you want. We tailor all client conversations around your values and your goals. We spend time listening to you, learning what is important to you in order to develop a plan that is uniquely yours. These discussions are different for all clients and involve conversations around family, loved ones, charities, causes and community initiatives.

At Old Peak, for those clients who would like to explore aligning their investments with their values, there are three main ways we frame the discussion:

  • What do you want to invest in?
  • What do you not want to invest in?
  • In what ways do you want to invest in your local community?

You may be…

  • Seeking attractive investment returns but wanting to consider social, environmental, and governance concerns
  • Wanting to exclude certain companies or industries from your investments
  • Concerned about our climate crisis
  • Committed to your local community with a desire to keep capital local

"How can we earn competitive financial returns, while also making a positive impact in our world? I spend a lot of time thinking about these questions, and love having this discussion with our clients." 
– Katie Villegas, Old Peak Advisor

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Your challenges, and how we help:

Don’t want to give up returns by investing with your values We can talk through the research on performance of sustainable funds – you may be pleasantly surprised!
Concerned about green washing We only recommend fund managers whose philosophy matches their execution
Unaware of the various options for reflecting your values in your investments Our team has extensive knowledge in the sustainable investing field and can walk you through your options
Unaware of what you are currently invested in and what impact this is having in our world We can look at your holdings and evaluate your fossil fuel, weapons and firearms, tobacco, private prison, deforestation, and gender equity exposure.
What does SRI vs. ESG vs. Impact investing even mean? All the terminology is confusing! We do our best to simplify the terms and outline the various ways of reflecting your values in your investments
Unsure of what risks sustainable investing poses, or what risks sustainable investing mitigates We recommend funds that we believe will offer competitive returns with suitable risk. Sustainable investing may actually lower your risk rather than add to it.
Don’t even know how to get started or what questions to ask Our team has extensive knowledge in the sustainable investing field and can walk you through your options

We write a lot about the importance of sustainable, responsible impact investing.
Here is a blog, case study and white paper on the subject.

The Impact of Your Investing

My colleague, Katie Villegas, wrote the following. Please enjoy. Read more >

Case Study: Achieving Your Impact Investing Objectives

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An Introduction To Sustainable and Responsible Investing: Aligning Your Investments With Your Values

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