Why Fiduciary Responsibility

Why Fiduciary Responsibility

Old Peak Finance has always been a fiduciary. That means we pledge to put your financial interests first at all times. We have an ethical and legal obligation to do what's best for you. 

Putting you first may seem obvious. But, the majority of financial advisors make no such pledge. Wall Street makes money by selling high-priced funds, annuities and other products that frequently are not in the client’s interest. Every day, the majority of advisors face a conflict of interest. They make the choice to sell what’s right for the client or to sell what makes the most money for them. You can guess what happens too often.

Old Peak Finance faces no such conflict of interest. We simply offer Real Financial Planning that helps you realize your life and wealth goals. We will always put our clients first and believe in transparency above all. That is our fiduciary pledge, and we live by it every day.

Resources on the Importance of Being a Fiduciary

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