Old Peak Finance Welcomes Donna Reaves and Dan Routh as Partners

Old Peak Finance Welcomes Donna Reaves and Dan Routh as Partners

April 12, 2024


Old Peak Finance Welcomes Donna Reaves and Dan Routh as Partners

April 12, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Donna Reaves and Dan Routh have become partners at Old Peak Finance. This is a significant step in our firms growth, and it is a well-deserved recognition of Donna and Dan's contributions to our success.

Donna, our Director of Operations, joined Old Peak Finance in 2015, when her desk was a card table in our modest 200 sq. ft. office. She has played a vital role in our growth, guiding us through improvements to our technology platform and HR processes and spending years learning the intricacies of Schwab's ever-evolving systems.

Dan joined Old Peak Finance in 2019 as a Financial Advisor. Before joining Old Peak, Dan, a CFP® professional, worked as a financial planner with firms in Maryland and Oklahoma. He leads many of our client relationships and plays an important role internally, mentoring and assisting other team members.

The three of us have been acting as a team in managing Old Peak this past year. Their buy-in formalizes their roles as partners, and it is a logical next step in our growth. Over 13 years, we have progressed from an idea to a 10-person firm with 160+ clients and $500 mm of assets under management. While we anticipate continued growth and change, here’s what will not change: our relentless focus on each client’s unique goals and our pledge to put our clients first.

Please congratulate Donna and Dan.

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