Case Study: Senior Executives Balance Career & Personal Goals

Case Study: Senior Executives Balance Career & Personal Goals

Sara and Sam hired Old Peak amid a busy personal and professional season.

Sara had just entered a new healthcare group on a multi-year partnership track. John, an executive at a tech company, was coming up on a highly anticipated IPO after years of hard work. They wanted to build a plan to manage these career milestones as they built their dream home for their growing family.

In three years, we:

  • Evaluated and implemented a vest-sell-diversify strategy for Sam's company RSUs (Restricted Stock Units) for post-IPO.
  • Helped them reduce concentration risk, satisfy short-term expenses such as taxes & debt payoff, and implement a diversified, long-term investment strategy.
  • Helped Sara and Sam prioritize their cash flow to manage competing business and personal priorities.
  • Old Peak Finance worked with their mortgage broker and home builder to create a down payment and financing plan for their dream home.
  • Evaluated work-optional and reduced work scenarios to meet personal goals of spending more time with family while children are young.
  • Evaluated and implemented an early-exercise plan for company stock options – consulting with the client's CPA to file an 83b letter and gather necessary documentation of QSBS (Qualified Small Business Stock) to begin the holding period.
  • Partnered with an estate planning attorney to update their estate planning documents with appropriate trust documents to protect their assets.
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