Why Fee-Only Financial Planning

Why Fee-Only Financial Planning

Old Peak Finance is a fee-only financial planner. Fee-only means that we don't make commissions by selling you products. We have no incentive to recommend a high-fee product. Many advisors push variable annuities, high-fee mutual funds or permanent life insurance because they are particularly profitable for the advisor, however Old Peak Finance will not.

Our fee does not change based on which investments or products you buy. Fees will vary only based on the level of assets we manage on your behalf.

“Fee-only” is not the same as “fee-based”. You should be wary of "fee-based" advisors. "Fee-based advisors" charge a fee, and then they charge commissions on product sales.

Above all, look for a fee-only financial planner. You should only hire a fee-only advisor to ensure you maximize the likelihood you will get advice truly in your interests.           

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