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What History Teaches an Investor

June 8, 2011

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What History Teaches an Investor

June 8, 2011

I recently began offering Dimensional funds for Old Peak clients. Dimensional is a 30-year-old investment company which manages $225 billion for institutions and individual clients of financial advisers like me.

I believe in Dimensonal’s approach because their investing decisions are based on 100 years of market data. They believe history can teach us a lot.

’The lesson of the past century is that bull and bear markets can run for lengthy periods. The duration of a cycle is impossible to predict, and popular sentiment at any time offers little insight about the future. The keys to success are investing for the long-term and keeping a cool head.

Dimensional’s research and performance demonstrate the keys to success are:

  • A broadly diversified portfolio that includes US and international stocks, bonds and other investments
  • Low fees
  • Over-weighting to small and “value” stocks, which over time have out-performed large and “growth” stocks
  • Minimizing trading costs and taxes
  • A long-term horizon with regular “re-balancing” to maintain your portfolio weightings

If you want more info on Dimensional, please go to www.dimensional.com, or call me.

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