Video Transcript: Specialties: Medical Professionals

Transcript: Molly Stanifer and Dan Routh

For any physician, veterinarian or dentist, time is one of your most valuable resources. You’ve spent years delaying gratification for what always feels like the next stage of life, from internships to residencies, fellowships and board certification. We know it well because we lived through it with our own families. It's hard to find that extra time to sit down and evaluate your disability or life insurance, write your estate plan or think about how to minimize taxes. With Real Financial Planning® that's where we come in.

Over the years, we’ve had an increasing client base of medical professionals and we’ve observed some common traits, if we break it into early-, mid-, and late-career.

Early-career questions we see will usually be around debt planning; whether they're eligible for loan forgiveness. They're starting a family; they're moving or bringing (questions on) their employer benefits.

Mid-career, the conversations are usually around tax planning and that could be different whether you're a salaried employee, a contract employee or partner or combination.

End-career, it's often exit strategies or living out your envisioned retirement.

With medicine, it's complex but your finances don't have to be. With Real Financial Planning® our goal is to help doctors from all areas, and to all species, simplify their financial lives so they could spend time doing things that they love.

In any stage of your medical career, having a trusted professional on your side is beneficial to give you clear, honest advice.

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