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Starting early

My colleague, Molly Stanifer, CFP®, wrote this month’s email. Please enjoy.
– Rick Waechter

My daughter just turned two. We have already started thinking about her schooling in the years to come. In fact, I started thinking about it years ago, because it’s such an important topic.

Many evidence-based studies suggest early education (years 0-4) is the strongest predictor of success later in life. As a daughter of a pre-school teacher, I have grown up to believe this, and I am now translating it into my parenting. Up-front planning, although sometimes difficult to appreciate in the moment, yields long-term benefits.

Because early planning is so critical, Old Peak recently launched Frontier Wealth Planning, a service for clients in the early stages of their careers. Their issues are unique. We work with them to address topics such as:

  • Student loan assessment
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Beginning a smart savings plan from scratch
  • Employer benefits review
  • Estate planning when you are young
  • Long-term tax planning
  • Assessing life & disability insurance
  • Long (retirement, college), mid (new house purchase), and short (topping up your emergency fund) goal-planning

We welcome the opportunity to talk with someone you know in their early- to mid-career. More information can be found on our site here.

Who knows where our little girl will end up and how much she is really absorbing. Our efforts aren’t perfect and our thinking will certainly evolve as she grows up. But I gain comfort from having a strong, evidence-based plan to carry us forward to our goals.

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