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Your New Year’s “revolution”

That’s revolution, not resolution.

Here’s the thing. Unless you are that rare individual who works out 5 times a week at 5:30 am and cleans their garage monthly, you face the risk almost all of us face: making a New Year’s resolution and watching it fade into oblivion a couple weeks later.

I have no brilliant ideas for how to get you (or me) into the gym more regularly. But I do have an idea that will help with your personal finances.

Pick one important goal. Just one. On Jan 2, do it.

It could be boosting your annual 401(k) savings. Call HR and change your automatic deduction. Or go online. Done … in under 5 minutes.

It could be updating your estate plan (wills, powers of attorney, etc.). In that case, on Jan 2, make an appointment with an estate planning attorney. It will take a few months to create the documents, so you’ll need to commit to a schedule. You will have an intro meeting, discuss key issues with your spouse (or simply ponder them if you are single), review drafts a few weeks later and then sign. But, on Jan 2, you will have taken the first step.

Or it could be buying that additional life insurance you need. This means calling your insurance agent or financial planner and instructing them to move forward.

If you slay that one financial drag-on (pun intended) in January, you’ll already be on the way to a great year.

Talk about a revolutionary way to start 2018.

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