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KonMari Your Money

May 25, 2017

Old Peak Finance - KonMari Your Money

KonMari Your Money

May 25, 2017

Marie Kondo did not write her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for personal finance.

But she could have.

As you probably know, her "KonMari" method of de-cluttering has generated rave reviews. While quirky, the basic concept -- simplifying to make your life more manageable -- is intuitive. I believe the "KonMari" method has real relevance to your financial life. Three examples:

  • Most people have too many brokerage and bank accounts and too many investments within each account. Often, these accumulated over decades. The result: you don’t really know what you own (is it 40% stock or 60% stock?), and you certainly can’t keep track of what has performed and what has not. And how about the inconvenience in April when you file your taxes and you are sorting through a dozen or more tax reporting documents (1099s, K1s and the like) … or hauling in shoeboxes full of unopened envelopes to your CPA?
  • Many people have at least one insurance policy they don’t need. Often, it is small (the life insurance policy your parents bought you at birth), but it can also be a large, expensive policy you hesitate giving up even though a sober analysis concludes it's superfluous.
  • Too many people never "get around" to making a financial plan. This is the ultimate step to organizing your financial life. A plan addresses the key areas of your financial life – your goals, investments, estate planning, tax and insurance. Getting it done takes commitment. But a completed plan lets you stop worrying. It gives you confidence, and a roadmap.

We help our clients de-clutter their financial lives. If yours isn’t as tidy as it could be, hire an adviser or commit to doing it yourself. You’ll achieve financial peace of mind – or, as Marie Kondo would say, you’ll "spark (financial) joy".

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