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Investing is overrated

People in our industry spend almost all their time on investing — forecasting the market, gauging what a client should own, calculating risk vs. return, etc. Yes, investing is important. That’s why we devoted considerable effort to selecting our fund managers – who, I believe, are among the world’s very best.

But anyone who thinks investing is the sole driver of financial success will be in for a surprise.

A recent article outlined Warren Buffett’s 10 keys to financial success. Precisely three of them had to do with investing. And that’s from the world’s greatest investor. The other seven?

  1. Save … a lot
  2. Avoid debt, especially the expensive kind (credit cards)
  3. Keep a cash cushion
  4. Invest in yourself
  5. Learn about money
  6. If you can, give back
  7. Think long-term

Buffett did have three investing suggestions: don’t lose money, look for under-priced investments and use index funds to minimize fees.

But the key take-away: despite Wall Street’s endless prattle on the stock and bond markets, investing alone won’t get you where you want to go.

So, whether you manage your finances on your own or hire a financial advisor, adopt a holistic view. Take it from a gray-hair in Omaha who knows a thing or two.

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