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Helping our clients help others

We’re big fans of our clients. In particular, we admire the passion they have for charitable organizations. These causes range from hyper-local to global, and address a wide range of society’s needs.

Our clients’ support for these causes is not just monetary. In most cases, they give their time and talent, on top of their money.

Several years ago we started a tradition of giving annually to the charity of a client’s choice, in each client’s honor. We recently listed as many beneficiaries as we can on our website. Please take a look at the incredibly worthwhile charities our clients support — and feel free to donate as well!

On top of our matching, we work with clients to maximize the impact of every dollar they give. These strategies include gifting appreciated stock, establishing donor-advised funds and using charitable gift annuities.

If you are charitably inclined, you can take simple steps to magnify the impact of your giving.

Our pledge: to help clients help those with the greatest need.

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