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Don’t Miss Old Peak’s Black Friday Doorbusters

November 11, 2015


Don’t Miss Old Peak’s Black Friday Doorbusters

November 11, 2015

Bargains? You want bargains? Have we got bargains! But they’re only available today, Friday, Nov 27, 2015.*

Double your money! If you had invested in the global stock market, you would have doubled your money over the past 11 years. The past does not guarantee the future, but history suggests you will likely do well, long-term, in the stock market. Regardless, you’re almost sure to have a lot more than if you spent it on the latest iPhone model.**

Save tax! If you max out your 401(k) contribution every year, you’re likely to have a tidy sum after 30-40 years of work. When you take it out to spend in retirement, your tax bill will almost certainly be lower.***

Build a nice retirement cushion! If you save 10-15% of your post-tax income every year, you’ll have more than virtually all your neighbors, and you won;t have to liv ein your kids’ basement during retirement.****

Sleep better! If you save diligently and have a financial plan, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.*****

To learn more, call or email me … but hurry! These bargains expire at midnight!*

(*) Well, okay, they’re actually available every day.
(**) This message is not approved by Apple, Verizon or AT&T. Return calculations based on performance of Dimensional’s global equity fund through October 2015.
(***) Please use diversified, low-fee funds in your 401(k).
(****) Advice not endorsed by the Basement Remodelers of America.
(*****) Or you can spend a ton of money on expensive mattresses that won’t work better than your old one anyway.

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