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Counting Jelly Beans and Investing

December 19, 2013

Old Peak Finance - Counting Jelly Beans and Investing

Counting Jelly Beans and Investing

December 19, 2013

Below is the link to a 3-minute video I encourage you to watch. It is succinct and refreshingly different. But most importantly, I sincerely believe this is the right way to invest.

I shouldn’t spoil it. But if you want a summary, here it is: Markets work, because at any moment, they reflect the views of millions of people and billions of dollars (about $200 billion of trading every day). The likelihood you or I can consistently out-guess that wisdom by picking individual winners, or by timing the market, is low - and the cost of trying can be high.  Instead of trying to out-compete the market, a better approach is to harness the power of the market. You’ll be happier, and your investment returns are likely to be better.

The link is here:

I wish you a happy holiday season, and a great 2014.

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