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Category: Monthly Insights

Help for Aging Parents


A guide to organize their financial and online lives When my dad passed away almost 30 years ago, my mom…
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Raising the stakes


In our new world, managing your personal finances has totally changed. In our new world, managing your personal finances is…
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Financial Planning, Not Fortune Telling


The future has not been written. That’s your opportunity The New York Times had a great column last week on…
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Molly Stanifer hits the airwaves


Congratulations to our colleague, featured in Schwab’s current ad campaign I am thrilled to report that our colleague, Molly Stanifer,…
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Being Productive


It’s not easy. Here are three (plus one) suggestions   In a stock market crisis, it’s a natural reaction to…
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Chinese Characters for Danger and Opportunity

Crisis Management


Please read on. This is not the advice you may be expecting. The Chinese word for crisis is a combination…
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What I learned from 4 market crashes


One upside of a receding, gray hairline is that I’ve seen a lot. Over 30 years in finance, I have…
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Do you want fries with that?


McDonald’s figured out long ago that, to boost sales, they could ask every customer, “do you want fries with that?”…
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Tax moves before the ball drops


Before year-end, we review each client’s tax situation to determine if there are last-minute moves they can make to reduce…
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Money sense for the next generation


One beauty of getting older: we have a lot more “real world” experience than our younger family and friends. That’s…
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