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Category: Investing


After commencement, time to commence saving

If you have a child about to graduate college or with an advanced degree, congratulations! Earning a bachelor’s, master’s or…
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An Introduction to Sustainable and Responsible Investing: Aligning your investments with your values at Old Peak Finance

Your investment dollars are making an impact. The companies you are invested in are creating an impact on our world….
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Creating income in retirement

You’ve spent decades working and saving. Now you’re retired, with a “nest egg” of savings you believe will last for…
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Three Types of Taxation

Modify your thinking from the type of account to type of taxation. Every account you have can fall into 3 types…
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7 ways to minimize tax when you invest

The thoughtful investor knows that after-tax returns are what matters. So the thoughtful investor adopts strategies to minimize tax on…
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A different way to invest

We attach a set of slides (find them here) that describes the issues you face in investing, and what we…
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Pursuing a better investment experience

We attach a great set of slides (find them here) on how you can maximize success in investing. There are…
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Roth conversions and contributions

In 2016, to make a full contribution to a Roth IRA, your modified adjusted gross income must be less than…
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