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After commencement, time to commence saving

If you have a child about to graduate college or with an advanced degree, congratulations! Earning a bachelor’s, master’s or…
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An Introduction to Sustainable and Responsible Investing: Aligning your investments with your values at Old Peak Finance

Your investment dollars are making an impact. The companies you are invested in are creating an impact on our world….
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New tax law: Steps you can take now

As of January 1, anything you make is subject to a new tax law. You may not notice it until…
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Estate planning 101

It is easy to put off planning for your estate and end-of-life affairs. But every adult can benefit from having…
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Charitable giving

Americans give hundreds of billions of dollars to charity each year. If you are someone who gives regularly, you should…
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A primer on disability insurance

Disability insurance is insurance that replaces a portion of your income if you cannot do your job due to disability….
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Medicare: An introduction

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and…
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Retirement plan options for a contract employee

When you are a contract employee and receive 1099 income, you are considered to be a sole proprietor earning self-employed…
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Trusts: What you need to know

Trusts sometimes get a bad rap. Many people believe trusts are complicated documents designed for the super-rich so they can…
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Do I need a financial advisor?

This paper was authored by Molly Stanifer, who has been a financial advisor for almost a decade. Full disclosure: I’m…
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