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Financial Blog

What matters


The world is laser-focused on the stock market with its recent volatility. That’s a shame. Because what the market does…
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Financial Blog

The sirens’ song


As the stock market suffers one of its periodic declines, promoters are predictably on every street corner with alternative investment…
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Financial Blog

Ya gotta believe


A key ingredient to investing success is confidence. Not over-confidence, but confidence based on deeply-held and well-researched beliefs. One of…
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Left brain, right brain


Perhaps the hardest part of being an investor is refereeing the struggle between your left brain and your right brain….
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Apply pressure, firmly


One of the smarter people I know – and a very successful investor – told me recently that he prefers…
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Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 94?


When I get older, losing my hair Many years from now Will you still be sending me a valentine Birthday…
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Be safe


Anyone with teenage kids knows how worrisome it is when they head out for an evening. I suspect, as they…
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Planning for the inevitable


We send this email to about 1,200 people every month. I am confident that virtually every recipient, regardless of age,…
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SRI Investing

The impact of your investing


My colleague, Katie Villegas, wrote the following. Please enjoy. – Rick Waechter Your investment dollars are making an impact. The…
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After commencement, time to commence saving


If you have a child about to graduate college or with an advanced degree, congratulations! Earning a bachelor’s, master’s or…
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