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Do you want fries with that?


McDonald’s figured out long ago that, to boost sales, they could ask every customer, “do you want fries with that?”…
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Tax moves before the ball drops


Before year-end, we review each client’s tax situation to determine if there are last-minute moves they can make to reduce…
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Money sense for the next generation


One beauty of getting older: we have a lot more “real world” experience than our younger family and friends. That’s…
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Spreading the wealth, carefully


If you spend less time thinking about how to give your money away than how to make it, you’re like…
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Every New (And Established) Veterinarian Needs to Consider Long-Term Disability Insurance


By Dan Routh, CFP®, Fee-only Financial Planner with Old Peak Finance and spouse of a veterinarian.   “It will never…
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Divorce and money


Over the past few years we have worked with an increasing number of divorcing or divorced clients. Divorce and personal…
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CFP Professional

Congrats, Katie Villegas, CFP®


I’m thrilled to announce that our colleague, Katie Villegas, is officially a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Katie did the coursework and…
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Anything worth doing …


  … will take time, a plan, periodic adjustments and a team effort.              …
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Uncomfortable truths


Most of us like to think we’re pretty rational. That’s often not the case — especially when it comes to…
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Welcome, welcome, welcome


The Old Peak family continues to grow. Please welcome three new members: Dan Routh joins as a financial advisor. He…
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