Been a Fraud Target? Tell us About it.

Been a Fraud Target? Tell us About it.

December 6, 2020

Old Peak Finance - Been a Fraud Target?

Been a Fraud Target? Tell us About it.

December 6, 2020

If you google "online fraud", "hacking", "phishing", "telephone fraud" or similar terms, you'll be served up millions of articles.

That's because fraud is more pervasive than ever. As a result, it's easy to be oblivious to the very real dangers.
So we thought we would send out an appeal. Tell us how you have been a target. We'll share the most common and the cleverest scams in our next blogpost.

Hopefully, this will make it more real, and keep you more vigilant.

To warm you up, here are a few attempts which have targeted me. Thankfully, they were all pretty transparent, so they were almost amusing. Sadly, however, a few people targeted must have been tricked, suffering financial loss and anxiety.

  • The IRS is calling because I owe them money. The facts: the IRS does not call anyone. They use the USPS.
  • Our company email provider has been hacked. There was a link to click, where I would enter in my login credentials, supposedly to change them. The tip-off: hovering over the link showed a URL ending in ".kp". That's North Korean.
  • Hello, we're calling from the office of Visa and Mastercard. This was my personal favorite. The office of Visa and Mastercard? Two fierce competitors? I'm waiting for a call from the office of the Republican and Democratic Parties next.
  • The Social Security Administration is calling to confirm some information. Like the IRS, they don't call.

Please reply email and tell us how you have been a target. If we team up against the bad guys, we can help each other.

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